S.F.D.A.V. Public School

Sakuntalam, Avas Vikas Colony, Circular Road Muzaffarnagar - 251001 (U.P.)



The school provides bus facility on specific routes only. The details of the bus routes are available in the school office. Those who wish to avail the school bus services will have to apply at the time of admission and have to pay it separately. Transport fee has to paid for 11 months in the year. On the payment of the fee the student will be issued a bus-card having the details of routes etc. will be filled in the card by the office only. On the basis of the bus card the student will be allowed the use of bus. The bus charge will be revised every year before the start of the session or when there is change in the full rate. 

One month notice or fee in lieu will be required before withdrawing a student from the bus. If a student desires change of route, this is allowed only on written permission by the school authorities

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Swarup Foundation DAV Public School
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