S.F.D.A.V. Public School

Sakuntalam, Avas Vikas Colony, Circular Road Muzaffarnagar - 251001 (U.P.)


Mission Statement

The following mission strategies have been evolved in order to attain the goals of the school and to produce responsible, productive and morally enlightened citizens.

  1. To provide the best possible opportunities for pupils to learn, to cultivate habits that lead them to adopt positive attitude towards life and develop a deep sense of human values that will enable them to fulfill their potential and contribute to society and the economy.
  2. To help pupils to explore their inner interest and potential and provide them with appropriate, conducive learning environment with student centered teaching.
  3. To infuse basic human values like truth, honesty, hard work, cooperation and dignity of labour.
  4. To enable them to adopt habits and lifestyles which will protect them against destructive influences while instilling in the values cherished and propagated by the founders of DAV to become role models for the countrymen.

We seek to achieve our mission by:

(i)                 Providing education of the highest quality which produces responsible productive and morally up right students.

(ii)               Training teachers on a continual basis in technical and soft skills required to mould the students mind-set and raise his self-esteem. The training shall be such that teachers develop into model teaches for entire teaching fraternity, who focus on motivating, rewarding and enforcing the students.

(iii)             Sensitizing parents and teaches such that no student is hurt physically or emotionally. We seek to develop an environment at home and in the school where the student is nurtured, not criticized, where criticism is given as constructive advice which result not in loss of his self esteem, but in strengthening to resolve to do better.

Involving parents very intimately in the development of the student as committed in the mission.

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Swarup Foundation DAV Public School
‘Shakuntalam’, Avas Vikas Colony,
Circular Road Muzaffarnagar (U.P.) 251 001
Ph. 09105444148,09105444149 
E-mail :- davpsmuzaffarnagar@gmail.com

Affiliation No.2130177,School Code:81057

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